Approved Utility Contractors

The City of Odessa maintains and a list of approved utility contractors to perform utility services including but not limited to the following:

  • Installation, repair and/or maintenance of:
    1. Water mains
    2. Sewer mains
    3. Valves
    4. Fire Hydrants
    5. Bypassing piping
    6. New or replacement of water or sewer service
    7. Manholes
    8. Meter vaults
  • Excavation, backfilling, compaction and/or surface restoration

Steps to Become an Approved Utility Contractor:

This application MUST be completed and approved before any excavation in the City of Odessa can begin on the above referenced work. Failure to receive approval prior to work covered by the Approved Utility Contractor Application may result in denial of being an Approved Utility Contractor with the City of Odessa.

The Approved Utility Contractor status is in effect for 3 years.

Requirements for Eligibility can be found here.