Odessa Fire Rescue Employment Process

Odessa Fire Rescue Employment Process

Phase 1 

Complete the application City of Odessa Job Listings

  • HR will review the application for any disqualifying factors before an applicant is approved to continue in the process

Phase 2

Invite to complete Fire Testing Packet

  • Those selected to proceed to test will receive an email invite to complete the Fire Testing Packet
  • HR emails the Fire Cadet/Firefighter testing packet
  • Fire Testing Packet contains written examination location, date and time
  • Fire Testing Packet will be collected at Fire Testing Day
  • Fire Testing Day will consist of 3 testing phases: written physical agility and interview

Phase 3

Written Examination

  • Written exam 90 multiple-choice questions (2 hours to complete). Fire Testing guide can be purchased at the applicant's own expense here: Fire Study Guide
  • Successful passing of written test is required to participate in the physical agility test

Phase 4

Physical Agility Test

Step 1: The participant will start with a bunker coat including SCBA no mask and not on air

Step 2: The participant will hit the small I-beam on the Kiser Sled with the 9lb. shot mallet, until the I-beam passed the end of the sled. Participants will not be allowed to push the sled with the mallet. Lock out Back and Don't Over Do It!

Step 3: The participant will take an axe up a stairwell to the 4th floor of the drill tower. After arriving at the 4th floor, the axe will be placed inside the doorway on the 4th floor. Participant must touch every step going up.

Step 4: The participant will pull a 50 ft. section of 1 3/4 hose up to the 4th floor with a rope that is attached to the rail on the 4th floor. The participant must use a hand over hand method; participant will not be allowed to use the rail to lift the hose. Once the participant has the hose, they are allowed to use the rail to completely lift the rest of the hose over the rail. Lock out Back and Don't Twist at the Waist.

Step 5: The participant will advance a 1 3/4 dry line and nozzle up the outside stairwell to the 5th floor. Both feed need to touch the 5th floor landing. The participant will then bring the line and nozzle back down to the 4th floor and set the nozzle down just inside the doorway.

Step 6: The participant will go down the stairwell to the 2nd floor until Rescue Randy is located. The participant will then pull Rescue Randy headfirst until the entire dummy is past the line. Pull Straight Back and do not Twist at the Waist.

Step 7: The participant will go back to the 4th floor and retrieve the axe that was previously carried to the 4th floor and proceed down to the ground floor.

Candidates must complete the entire test in 5 minutes 0 seconds.

Successful passing of agility physical test is required to participate in the panel interview. Interview schedule dates may vary. Further instructions are provided on the day of testing.

Phase 5

Panel Interview

  • Interview will be conducted by the Training Division and other Fire personnel
  • Successful passing of panel interview is required to participate in the Fire Chief interview

Phase 6

Fire Chief Interview

  • Successful passing of Fire Chief interview- potential hiring candidates are to be determined upon vacancy factors and score ranking. (In some cases, Phase 5 & 6 may be combined to be one interview. If there is a high number of applicants, the Chief may choose to be part of the Panel interview to streamline the hiring process)

Phase 7

Preboarding Activities: Medical Physical, Drug Screening , Background, Vision Exam, Worksteps Testing

Phase 8

Offer of employment