K-9 Unit

K9 PatchThe Odessa Police Department's K-9 Unit was established in 1982. The Department currently has four K-9 officer teams. One team is assigned to each of the four patrol shifts. Currently, all of the Department's canines are Belgian Malinois.

The canines are dual purpose dogs meaning that they are trained for tactical and drug detection purposes. They are also used in a variety of situations, including:

  • To search for hidden suspects
  • To apprehend fleeing suspects
  • To search for lost persons
  • To search for evidence
  • To protect the handler, other officers and citizens
  • To clear vehicles after a high risk felony stop
  • To conduct public demonstrations
  • To search for and detect the odor of narcotics
  • To be a visual deterrent for crimes

K9 Collage