Police Academy Applications

  1. Step 1: Applicant Interview

Eligibility & Requirements

Applications for enrollment to the Odessa Police Department Police Academy are taken from an eligibility list obtained from the hiring process for the Police Recruit position. For detailed information about requirements and the application process, please visit the Employment section and the Requirements page.

If you work for another law enforcement agency (agency-sponsored), application packets can be obtained by emailing Assistant Training Coordinator Deborah DeVolin. An appointment will be scheduled for you to pick up the application packet and review the requirements and application process.

Sessions & Location

The Odessa Police Academy holds sessions twice a year, once in January and July (dates are tentative and are subject to change). Coursework is a blend of traditional classroom lectures and hands-on job-related training to facilitate learning of law enforcement concepts. The majority of training is conducted in the new state-of-the-art Training Facility, located at 210 North Lincoln Avenue. Several courses in the academy are physically demanding, applicants are encouraged to come to the start of the academy in a physically fit condition. Physical fitness training takes place daily by a certified personal trainer. 

Recruits Hired from Job Postings

If you apply for employment as a Police Recruit through the City of Odessa's Job Posting website and are hired, the Academy fees will be paid by the Police Department as well as the applicant being paid an employee salary. For more information regarding employment, contact Corporal Marshall Williams at 432-335-4967.

Outside Agency 

Outside Agency applicants must complete the entire application process no later than one month before the academy session beginning. Agency Sponsors will be required to furnish their Recruits with Academy uniforms and ammunition for firearms training. The Odessa Police Academy will provide all other supplies.

Agency Sponsors will also be responsible for ensuring the applicants have completed all steps of the above-listed process.