Municipal Court

Individuals appearing before the Odessa Municipal Court are required to do so virtually. Defendants that participate in Virtual Court hearings will have the same legal rights as those that appear in person. All of the same rules and procedures apply.

If you are appearing virtually for your hearing or trial:

You will be required to email your preferred contact phone number and email address to the Court at, at least 24-hours before your scheduled hearing.

You will be required to adhere to the following Rules of Court Conduct and Decorum:

Failure to follow these guidelines will prompt the Court Bailiff to remove the Defendant from the virtual courtroom until compliance is achieved.

  1. Proper clothing strictly enforced. Inappropriate attire will not be permitted. Dress code is the same as if you were appearing in-person in the courthouse/courtroom.
  2.  Avoid background noise. Ensure your environment is conducive to attend virtually.
  3. Do NOT record the proceedings.
  4. Proper respect for the Court process shall be adhered to at all times.

You may use any device with audio and video capabilities, and a strong internet connection. You will be required to install and test the Zoom app, prior to your scheduled court date. To access the virtual courtroom, you will simply login to Zoom on your scheduled date and time, and enter a Meeting ID and Passcode, which will be provided to you by the Court prior to your court appearance. 

If you do not have a capable device, or an internet connection, you will be responsible for contacting the court prior to your scheduled court date to make alternate other arrangements.

Payments can still be made online using Municipal Online Payments.


Municipal Court works to provide citizens with courteous and efficient administration of justice and case management.

Municipal Court has jurisdiction over offenses, which occur within the territorial limits of the City of Odessa and are punishable by fine and possibly other sanctions as authorized by statute and not consisting of confinement in jail or imprisonment.

Presiding Judge

  • Judge Carlos Rodriguez