Traffic Engineering

Traffic Division Workers near an IntersectionThe Traffic Engineering Division is part of the Public Works Department.


The Traffic Engineering Division:

  • Provide safe and efficient movement of people and goods to and from the Odessa community
  • Provides installation and maintenance of uniform traffic control devices
  • Respond to citizen’s request and concerns in a timely and consistent manner

Administrative Functions

Administrative functions include the maintenance of data files concerning traffic and pedestrian volumes, accident records and diagrams, traffic control devices inventory and maintenance records, as well as normal administrative duties.

Engineering Activities

Engineering activities include:

  • Investigations of citizen requests
  • Planning, design, and implementation of street improvements and control devices
  • Recommending improvements to the City Manager and Council
  • Review of subdivisions, plats, site plans and driveway requests


Field operations and maintenance personnel are grouped into four sub-divisions:

  • Parking meters and Data Collection
  • Pavement Markings
  • Signals
  • Signs

Inter-Departmental Activity

The Division maintains a close working relationship with other departments, in the areas of transportation planning and safety. Departments include:

  • Engineering
  • Inspections
  • Legal
  • Planning
  • Police

The Division also serves as liaison with other government agencies, such as the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).


  1. Provide services vital to communications and safety of Odessa's Citizens
  2. Value and respect our employees
  3. Continuously plan for the future


To play an essential role in providing a safe and efficient road and traffic control system for the City of Odessa and gain the respect of its citizens and our colleagues.