Adopt - A - Campus

The Adopt-A-Campus program is in place to instill pride and leadership skills. School facilitator empowers students to lead their classmates in keeping their campus litter-free by hosting two or more campus cleanups. They can incorporate recycling to reduce waste and learn about the importance of recycling. Students also learn how to collect, analyze, and present data. 

Rules & Guidelines

The following are rules and guidelines for the program:

  1. Recyclable items must be dropped off at the Odessa Recycling Center or any of the drop off locations.
  2. Participants will keep track of recyclable items collected. (We recommend to start by recycling one item, paper, or plastic bottles).
  3. Submit a recycling log report on a weekly or monthly basis through our website by clicking on this link: Form Center • Odessa, TX • CivicEngage (   
  4. School's team leader, accepts the responsibility to maintain recycling containers.

Learning Opportunity

This program has been proven to teach responsibility, sense of school pride, as well as leadership skills.

Resources Provided

Keep Odessa Beautiful will provide bins and resources needed to sustain the recycling program and make it a success in your school.

Register Your Campus By Clicking On The Link Below

Form Center • Odessa, TX • CivicEngage (